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No, they are not Multiplier locked.
I can turn down the multiplier, just as I said a while ago.
Some1 on here told me that it just seems like it lets
 me turn down the multiplier.
That it will go back to x20 after windows bootup.
So here, I've also got benchmarks done using
Sisoft Sandra.....

And as you can see, as I turn down the multiplier, performance also
 goes down, as it would if I can do what I say my CPU's can do..

They Are Not Multiplier Locked.
Yeah, I do find it a little strange that they are not multiplier locked,
 they are Intel chips.
Even my Pentium mmx 200MHz & I once had a Pentium mmx 166MHz .
Both of those were multiplier locked from what I remember.
But I was able to raise the bus speed.
I had the 166 running 233.

Denny.       ;-)                :-)              :-D

Re: My Xeon Multiplier

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Looks like you have an "engineering sample" Xeon. Boxed and OEM Xeons ARE
multiplier locked. You got lucky..:-).


Re: My Xeon Multiplier

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Actually, I've found out with a bit of searching, that there's a lot
 of Xeon's out there that aren't multiplier locked.
That hadn't been @ the time I found out what I
 was looking for. A lot of the 1.6 GHz and 1.7 GHz
cpu's are not multiplier locked.
This goes all the way up to a lot of the newer ones too.
Well, not really all that new anymore. the (533) bus cpu's.
A lot of them can have their multipliers turned down.
    Just not up. It's better that way anyway, if you like to
Overclock a lot, a lesser multiplier better then just a
faster total running speed. Up the FSB further and get
more data running across it.

As for the Newer Xeon, I would have to guess all of the
(800)bus Xeon's are multiplier locked.


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