My CPU temp is -58C and 198C???

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Hi guys

Get ready to laugh at my stupidity.

I managed to fry my old Athlon 3200XP the other day [oops] and since
replacing it my temperature readouts are always -58C in SmartFan and
198C in the BIOS. And conviniently, as 256 - 58 = 198 I'm thinking I've
clearly ****** the thermometer too somehow.

I'm just worried now that I can't see if things might be running too
hot. I'm using a CoolerMaster Vortex Dream 7 with it and before
everything went and ****** up things were running at around the 55C
mark [not oc'd]. Cos this is the first new PC I've built since my old
Athlon 800 based machine aaages ago which just had a little heatsink on
[bless] and I'd read I should be expecting temps around the 40C mark
for this kind of setup..This is the reason why I started tinkering in
the first place. OOPS.

As long as I've cleaned the shit off the heatsink and make a clean
application of Arctic Silver [onto my nice new chip..] everything
should be hunky dory, shouldn't it?

Cheers :)

Re: My CPU temp is -58C and 198C???

Your wildly out of whack temperature readings are likely the result of
selecting the wrong type of sensor in your monitoring program.  Your system
would not work at 198C, and of course - 59C is not possible without
cryogenic cooling.

I'm not exactly sure what monitoring program you use, but you might try
MotherBoard Monitor, a free download.  Most overclockers use MMM.  It has
automatic sensor selection for a wide variety of motherboards.  (Also, I'm
not at all familiar with AMD processors, but when Intel sensors give out of
whack readings, it is usually because the on-die CPU temperature sensor
diode is read as if a thermistor, and a thermistor sensor on the motherboard
is read as a diode.
         ** For example, the Intel CPU I am using to post this message shows
a CPU temperature of 39C when read by MMM as a diode, but 93C when read as a
thermistor.  When the motherboard (case) temperature is read as a thermistor
by MMM, the reading is 33C, as a diode, the reading is -47C.

In all likehood you just have swapped sensor selections, and nothing at all
has changed with your cooling.  Certainly your current readings are

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