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I had been waiting for RD600 for several reasons which now no longer
apply* but given that the reasons are no longer relevant, the current
price and persistent non-appearance I've given over waiting and decided
to go for a 975X based solution.

So for someone who'll be buying an E6300 (possibly E6400) and trying to
get the most out of it with the bog-standard coolers which of these
might be most suitable?

ASUS P5W DH Deluxe
DFI  Infinity 975X/G

If 3GHz seems a reasonable target for the CPU with the standard cooler,
then I need a board which will give me about 430MHz FSB (for the 6300)
and do it without changing any of its cooling.  All of the above would
appear to be able to do that (if I'm perhaps only moderately lucky). My
inclination is to go with Abit. (That is the middle-priced answer, the
DFI being about 20 cheaper** and the ASUS about 10 more).  I've never
used an MB from any of these manufacturers before, everything I've used
in the past has been from MSI for some reason.  But from what I've read,
I'd be prepared to go with any of them.

So is there any flaw here?  Will I be happy?  Should I choose one of the
other two, or something else?


* Originally, I had read that RD600 would support 2x16 X-Fire (like
RD580), and when I first started thinking about upgrading I would have
bought an X1900GT and then a second when they became really cheap and I
needed a bit of extra graphics oomph.  That would have involved all the
X-Fire gubbins being transported via PCI-express, and 2x16 might have
been important.  When RD600 didn't materialise the first time, the
X1950Pro came out, and now I intend to do a similar thing with those.
As it happens RD600 does 2x8 X-Fire (just like everything else for Intel
CPUs) is much more expensive, is only really interesting if you need
FSBs as high as 500MHz, and (more pertinently) still hasn't made it into
any shops, or even proper reviews as far as I can make out.

**It is also not available from the shop I normally go to.  I would have
to get it from OcUK as a separate order, and all the rest of the stuff
from my usual place.

Re: MB choice for C2D

Neil wrote:
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Apparently DFI is going to make an RD600 board. Early review here:
TheINQ says fear of Intel will prevent most mobo makers from using it.
I guess DFI decided they had nothing to lose.



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