Max safe Vcore for E6600

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What is max safe Vcore for E6600?

Re: Max safe Vcore for E6600

'007' wrote:
| What is the max safe Vcore for E6600?

Just less that the voltage that makes it go 'blooie'.  Seriously, see 'Ed
Medlin' AKA 'Ed M.' posts for in depth experiences with overclocking an
E6600.  I will add, that, without exotic cooling, going above a 10% voltage
increase probably isn't worth the risk of instability, much less sudden

Phil Weldon

| What is max safe Vcore for E6600?
| Thanks

Re: Max safe Vcore for E6600

Phil Weldon wrote:
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The spec sheet says 1.55V is "absolute max". The VID table has room to
go to 1.60V (mainly because VID tables and VRD specs, are defined
separately from the processor). If a motherboard offers more than that
(say, a couple boost voltage settings), there is a danger that the added
voltage will not be done very accurately. The voltage values within the
VID table, will be done very accurately (if you ignore the Vdroop issue
for a moment).

For practical info about acceptable voltage values, check an overclocking
forum, like . Maybe someone there has
ruined a Core2, and you can find the voltage value that did it.


Re: Max safe Vcore for E6600

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    With liquid cooling I have went to 1.65v, but that is really pushing it
and there is a point of diminishing performance over 1.55v or so in my
experience. Even though the CPU still remains fairly cool (under 55C) with
my cooling, electromigration begins to cause instability in my particular
processor. If, in fact, that is what is causing my instability, I was
probably very close to the point where damage to the processor could occur.
Every processor may react differently at any given frequency/voltage so
don't use any more voltage than needed for stability. With air cooling, I
would try and stay at or under 1.5v and keep an eye on temps. If it is a B0
stepping, you should be able to easily reach 3Ghz+ and keep your voltages
down in the 1.4v range or less if you got lucky with a good OC'er. Every
processor is different, even at the same stepping YMMV. Use small steps in
FSB increases and Vcore increases.

Ed Medlin

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