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I have a problem with two graphics cards that I purchased before Xmas and
don't work on my Striker Extreme.  I have tried them both on a NF4 SLi 939
based system I resurrected and still they don't work but the question is it
a PCI-E 2.0 problem?  Do I buy a new Intel motherboard and strip and rebuild
my current system or do I try another completely different chipset based on
a modern AM2 system (new CPU, motherboard and cooler)?
I am thinking that the complete change may eliminate any other queries.
Ideas anyone?


Re: Just a query!

'Dumbo' wrote:
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What cards?  Were the cards new?  Had they ever worked for you?
No information in, no information out.
You are flailing.
PCI-e 2.0 cards are backward compatible with PCI-e 1.0.
AM2?  What is this AM2 system?

From the lack of information you have been providing, the troubles you have
been reporting, and the ideas you have about what may be wrong, I suggest...
getting on site help from a more experienced computer system builder.  It
ain't your chipset, but the problem could be, for all we know, most anything
else... most likely the component in front of the keyboard.  So check that
out also.  Perhaps read a good book or two, or at least a few good websites.

Phil Weldon

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Re: Just a query!

Phil Weldon kirjoitti:
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That is basically true, but there are some known glitches. For example,
some those Asrock boards with both AGP and PCI-E (1.something) slots,
will not cooperate with some PCI-E 2.0 cards (GF, IIRC). I have also
heard that some Via chipsets on PCI-E 1.x boards don't like some
(GeForce again) 2.0 cards, but these known two anomalies don't apply
here. Probably. He doesn't tell too much about his system.

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