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I just upgraded my system to an E8400 running on a Gigabyte EP35-DSR3 board
with 2 x 2Gig sticks of OCZ Platinum PC6400 RAM running in slot 1 and 3 in
dual channel mode and a good CoolerMaster hs/f. It booted up, installed XP
SP3 and all the drivers without issue. 100% stable at default settings. The
CPU is running at 38-39 idle and 45 under full Orthos load. Case has more
ventilation than a balcony and room temp is 70F. The instant I try to
overclock it, the BIOS freezes when displaying the dual channel memory
memory message and reboots with it's default failsafe parameters.  I checked
the CPU hs/f even though there was apparently no heat issues. I tried upping
vcore and vram. I tried everything I could think of in the BIOS. This thing
will not even run 3.1Ghz. I know this unit is capable of at least 3.4 with
the stock cooler let alone what I have. Any ideas?

Re: Issues with new build

Augustus wrote:
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Looked through the reviews ?

Is the BIOS the right version ? Maybe the BIOS that came with it, isn't
the best for your processor.


Re: Issues with new build

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Thanks to the both of you....I'll check into this after work today.

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