Intel Cant Keep Their Heads Above The Water.

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Or the thin ice their skating on.
Then there's also. /
With a newer date then this one. /
Yet, the newer info seems behind.
If I'm reading this right, it would seem, AMD might come out with a
 Quad Core before Intel does.
Plus, if AMD does file suet against Intel, then they won't have the
time or money to get their new CPU's on the market.
Plus, more then one of these links suggest that Dell might
make a move to selling AMD CPU's in their systems.
And, more then one link points out that Dell is selling @ least
 some AMD products on their website.
  And or, could've also said, makes a reference to Dell selling
 AMD products on their website.
It would seem, that people had just about enough with Intel @ this point.
My next system, regardless if I build this crazy water cooling system
 or not, is most defiantly going to be some sort of AMD system.
Probably going with the X2 I mentioned in another post.
I don't really need that kind of power for most of what I do,
 but at least I would have it, if I were to use it.

Denny.            :-)          :-D

Re: Intel Cant Keep Their Heads Above The Water.

On Mon, 5 Dec 2005 15:34:09 -0500, "Dennis E Strausser"

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I've been waiting on an Intel performance comeback since Opteron was
released in April of 2003, I figured the AMD Opteron /AMD 64 would be a
big flop and Intel would just rake AMD over once and for all, boy I
couldn't have been more wrong!

I recently built an AMD 4200+ X2 ... my ATI 9800 Pro just wasn't doing
the trick anymore and I couldn't see buying another AGP card, so I
upgraded to a A8N-E, 4200+ and 6800GS, little more then what I usually
spend on upgrades but it was worth it, what amazes me most is the power
consumption and the performance you get out of it, AMD's 90nm chips are
pretty awesome is all I can say, I already know what my next upgrade
will be, an AMD 65nm quad core. :)


Re: Intel Cant Keep Their Heads Above The Water.

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And Intel is about to get into bed with Apple. Now there's a match made in

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