intel C2D x6800 extreme

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Hi all,

I've been given a Core 2 duo x6800 extreme - My usual choice is AMD so this
is a first with this cpu.  I want to do some mode-level overclocking and it
would be helpful if you guys & gals could recommend a good overclocking mobo
and the meantime I better do some research on overclocking this
cpu - any tips appreciated!

Regards & thanks


Re: intel C2D x6800 extreme

greenbean wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it DDR2  6400

Re: intel C2D x6800 extreme

To whoever gave you the 6800, tell them thankyou!!!

If you want sli, both Asus and EVGA are offering boards based on the
new Nvidia 680i Northbridge. In the past, Nvidia chipsets have not
been known as good overclockers, but from reports based on the new
680i, this has been resolved. Check New Egg for these boards.

As far as ram goes, anything from Gskill is awesome.

Formally, the 680i chipset will do 1333 FSB, so try and get something

These should overclock to 1333.

For more info, check out

Happy cranking,



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Re: intel C2D x6800 extreme

Al Brumski wrote:
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I disagree.

Starting with the Nforce2 Ultra chipset, Nvidia has had good to very good
OCing potential, if both the BIOS and hardware support it.

The same chipset on a different board, ECS vs Abit for example, makes a huge

Ever try to OC an Intel manufactured motherboard ?

The Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe, A8N-SLI Premium and the Abit AN8 32X  were my
Socket 939 favorites.

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