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I have a Dell Inspiron 5100 that I'm looking to upgrade.  It currently
has 2x256M modules and I was hoping to go to 2G.  The specifications
say that the maximum amount of memory is 1G for the 5100 and 2G for the
5150.  The 5100 has a 266Mhz and the 5100 333Mhz.  Both use SODIMM
modules (2 sockets).

Now, I'm wondering why I can't install two PC2100 DDR SDRAM SODIMMs 1GB
modules?  I'm sure there's a logical reason for this other than "that's
what the manual says".

Has anyone tried two 1GB modules in a 5100?

Also, does anyone have any suggestions on improving the performance of
this laptop (video, hdd)?  I've had it for about 18 months now and been
extremely happy with it so far, only I believe it's gaming ability will
be increased signficantly through this memory upgrade.  It has a P4
2.8Ghz processor and its getting hard to find a system of this speed
without paying through the nose for it.  


Re: Inspiron 5100


I've found an article stating that it is possible to install 2GB into a

I'm now wondering if I can do better on the video card.  I currently
have a Radeon Mobility 7500 fitted with 64MB.. I've read an article
that the best performing card for this model is the Radeon M 9000
(64MB), though it has been documented as "touchy"... Has anyone used a
better performing card on this system (pref something that will run
quake 4)?


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