How to overclock an Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86GHz?

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Hi. How can I overclock my CPU?
Here are my system specs

Intel Core 2 Duo E6300, 1.86 GHz (Ninja fanless cooler)
Nvidia Geforce 7950GT (cooled by zalman copper)
2GB of RAM
Asus P5VD2-MX mobo
2 case fans

Re: How to overclock an Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86GHz?

bornfree wrote:
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If you look in your manual, in section 2.4.2, it says there
is a control under "Advanced" "Frequency/Voltage Control".
Look for "CPU Clock". With an E6300 installed, the starting
value for "CPU Clock" should be 266, and you can raise that

When the input clock is raised, it is possible the memory
clock will be raised as well.

For your first overclock, only change the CPU Clock by a small
amount. If it starts at 266, set it to 270, and boot into
Windows. Use this program, to help you understand what changing
the CPU clock has done. I.e. Compare the frequency numbers at
the default 266MHz, to the numbers you get at 270MHz.

You raise the CPU clock, only a little bit at a time. Then test
with a program like Prime95 or Orthos. The purpose of the testing,
is to detect when the machine is becoming unstable, but without
crashing it. Once the instability point has been detected, turn
the clock down a bit, so that you can actually use the computer
for something.

Orthos for Windows


Re: How to overclock an Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86GHz?

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I have an E6320 (same default speed as yours) running at 3.01 Ghz (430 Mhz x
7) with Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro heatsink with no intervention as to the

Make sure you have the latest BIOS. You need to raise FSB (from default 266
Mhz onwards) in your BIOS if it allows to do so. Start with e.g. 333 Mhz

For maximum stability you must also pay attention to the fact that your RAM
isn't simultaneously overclocked (too high) and that PCI-Express/AGP bus
stays at the default frequency.

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