How much main memory is really needed?

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So I know that 2GB is kinda the standard now, but does extra memory actually
make that much of a difference for a "light" power user like me?

I play games (BF2) occasionally but usually do heavy web browsing with lots
of technical content/eBay pages up at the same time with limited graphics,
probably 30-40 cumulative tabs at the same time.  I notice that the comp
slows down noticeably when there's lots of tabs open, but it doesn't bother
me that much.  I also do photo editing, 3-6MB photos, sometimes mass editing
of 30-100 photos at the same time to save total editing time.

I definitely notice when the difference when my photos in Photoshop begin
caching from the HD... they take several seconds to appear on the screen as
opposed to instantly.  I tend to open ~30 photos at a time instead of more
of them because of this.

What do you guys think would fit my bill?  Will 2GB help the gaming and
photos considerably?  I just don't know if the extra $70 is worth it.


Re: How much main memory is really needed?

Phil, Non-Squid wrote:
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Since you've decided to go with the e4300 and maybe wait
a couple weeks for the price cuts, you can get by with ddr2 667.
Thread about the Super Talent here, which apparently use Elipida
chips and have some overclocking potential:
(hundred bucks plus shipping for 2 GB)

Re: How much main memory is really needed?

slows down noticibly but it dont bother me?  this is the oc forum my friend
and no slowness is tolerated <g>

but seriously.  shell out for the ram.  its the cheapest performance you can
possibly purchace.


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Re: How much main memory is really needed?

xrongor wrote:
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I agree. In fact this post has prompted me to go spend money I don't have on
2 x 512MG sticks of PC133SDRAM. I have two Gigabyte GA-6VEML Socket 370
mobos that will run Coppermine or Tualatin P3/Celerons. I've re-capped them
and they're running just fine. Not great boards by any means but could one
day make excellent file-servers. (They have on-board sound, LAN and
graphics, no AGP slot, although one's currently running a PCI GF2).

They could quite easilly take a couple PCI SATA/IDE adapters if need be.
They are mATX and have 3 PCI, 1 ISA. To date the biggest problem I've had is
they only have two SDRAM slots each and I only have 128MB modules. I can get
512MB modules for NZ$120 each and the boards can run them, max of 1GB each
board according to the manual. It'll max my credit card, just as I'm
starting to pay it off but I don't think SDRAM is going to be available new
for much monger. The few 256MB sticks I've bought second-hand didn't last
long at all. Static damage maybe?

The good thing about these is that I have a range of Celeron CPUs I can use
in them; 2 x 600MHz and 1 x 900MHz Coppermine as well as 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4GHz
Tualatins. The Tualatins in particular are low voltage, fairly efficient
CPUs. (Far more so than the P4 range ever were).

I'm thinking these could be the basis of poor-man's NAS in a case with good
HDD cooling. CPU cooling isn't an issue, they're low-wattage.

Shaun. (Excuse the non-overclocking content please)

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Re: How much main memory is really needed?

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