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Hi, all concerned:

I've been grieving over the FSX slide show from the XP3000+, 2G PC3200, and
7600 SLR <g> machine . . . actually got it tweaked to low-teens of grainy
sliders-left wallpaper.  You know, turn everything off with enditall &
autoruns, and so on and on and on with latency, ratio, looking at internal
temps, cpuz, ignore the 757turbofancooler on the desktop taxiway,  . . .

And then, I bought this thing with Intel's XbadX mobo, E6700 proc, 4G ram, a
T of drives, 7950, 5mS videobox, Vista Ultimate.  No things to do but
connect cables and the expected stuff.

Ta dahhhhhh.

No tweaks.   No enditall.  All applicable sliders full right.  No mucking
around in fsx.cfg reducing the tacohell, tree, and gass (sic) station
counts.  Lock the frame rate to 20 and it stays there at
1600X1050/32bitcolor.   I can see the easter eggs past the rivets on the
wings.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgood.

Autoruns and cpuz are good for smilesnofrowns now.

Bestest regards,

Dave, N3HE

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