Hmmm.... 1000 HT * 3 Opty?

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Seeing that out-of-stock $150 Opteron 165 on NewEgg got me thinking (I
havn't bought one -- yet)....

To OC an Opty, you need to keep the HT=<1000 ( FSB * MULTI > 1001 ).
This means you can clock 5 * 200, 4 * 250, 3 * 333....  so I am
guessing you can also clock 2 * 500 or even 1 * 1000.  Has anyone ever
done this, just kept the HyperTransport at 1000 and used a multiplier
of one?  I this even possible?  Can some uberboard have its HT clocked
that high while chilling in military grade radar coolant?  I remember
reading that the absolute highest any 939 chipset could clock is 400
MHz (thank you, ULi m1697), but I wonder if you could get another
hundred megahertz or six out of it *somehow*, and how the system would

Here's the recipe I'm thinking now:

1000 mhz * 1 multi
Opteron 165 set to x3 multiplier for 3000 mhz cpu
RAM divider set to uh 1:2 (DDR500)
SERIOUS northbridge & mobo cooling (or not, if you like fire)

So, is anyone feeling adventurous?  :)

Re: Hmmm.... 1000 HT * 3 Opty?

i have a 144 Opty on a Gigabyte mobo but a lot of people tell me HTT has
little or no effect on performance.  i cant see what it does, i have my
setup as:
HTT 2x
FSB 290 MHz
memory  2/1.3 (384MHz)
cpu 2610 MHz.

if the stepper on the CPU = 9x and the FSB is 290 MHz then this equals
2610MHz so where does the HTT cut in or work for the performance isnt better
or worse if its set higher or lower.


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