Help with overclocking needed

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I started my play with overclocking and here's what's cooking
I have:
Athlon Mobile 2500+ (Vcore 1.45V) of the great series AQYHA
Zalman CNPS 7000B-Cu
Epox 8RDDA3G with NForce2 400MHZ Dual Channel
2 x 512MB PC3500 Geil Golden Dragon
Chieftech 420W Dual Fan

Now, I thought that with this kind of chip and cooling + good memory chips
I would easily get above 215Mhz on the FSB but no way. I've spent hours
trying to raise the voltages but all I get is the blue screen. I've read
widely about problems with getting the "right" CPU and I'm aware of it but
maybe there's something I'm doing wrong?
In my BIOS settings there's this PowerBios section where I get 4 main
voltages for CPU, AGP, DIMM and VDD. What's the relation between those? How
to raise those - should I raise them all together or separately. When I set
FSB to 200 all I needed to do was raise the Vcore to 1,625V and it's
stable. But when I try to increase the FSB to 210MHZ even though I raise
Vcore to 1,7 or 1,8 or even 1,9V it chokes with blue screens. I tried
increasing the other voltages as well but it was all good for nothing and
despite the cooling it get real hot. There are two options - it's either
the mobo or the CPU. What do you think? I'm thinking of getting a better
mobo. Which one would you recommend?

Re: Help with overclocking needed

run memtest before you even try to enter Windows...see if that is the
issue..I can hit 230mhz on my A7n8x-deluxe rev 2.0 with Corsair TwinX
PC3200PTC2. I would check the ram first.

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