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(I am rewriting this - my original subject line might appear to be spam.)

I wanted to thank you folks for all your help!  David, Fishface, P2B, Phil,
misfit, etc..

The problem I had was that it was 2 problems!  Undersized power supply plus
the need to run the 1.2 piii Tualatin at 1.55 volts - at least.

Swapping out the 145 Power supply for a larger one would still result in
BSOD - the Upgradware adapter locks the 1.2piii at 1.50v with a Vcore of
1.475, which happens to work fine in my Compaq but not my Intel D815EEA.

Switching the Upgradware 370 for the LinLin adapter, even moving the jumpers
to a higher voltage of 1.55+, still was not good without a larger Power
Supply- the Tully, I guess, needs more power.

Seems all I read here, plus what caught my attention at PowerLeap, held the
answer - their same adapter locks voltage at 1.55, not at 1.475 as
Upgradeware's does.

I got a larger Power Supply from New Egg- RaidMax 380 ($8 after rebate, not
bad!).   I also set the LinLin adapter jumpers at 1.55, which is what the
m'board shows, with a vcore of 1.52 and change...  (I have Intel Monitor).

I can't say what the exact problem was- regulator, who knows.  All I know is
that it works!

I would imagine I could get creative and up the voltage a little further to
1.6 or 1.65, but I am
satisfied, it has been running steady for the past few days.

This has been a frustrating ordeal - 2 years... 2 years...maybe a little

Thank you very, very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Re: Help with 1.2 piii....

Uncle Vinnie wrote:
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I didn't think of this before because the numbers were so close, and the
LinLin solution would have been the same so it doesn't really matter but
there were some issues with Vcore not getting set right with tualatins in
non tualatin motherboards.

Rather than the Upgradeware 'locking' it to anything I imagine it simply
connects the processor VID pins straight through and if i remember
correctly that's something else they changed slightly. Instead of the pins
being hard wire connected to ground inside they're active pull-downs and
don't sink as much current as a plain ole wire would. With the result being
some boards are marginal detecting them properly and that could have been
the problem.

The solution is to use hard wires, like the LinLin jumpers are.

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Re: Help with 1.2 piii....

Thanks David..

I no longer have the Upgradware info they originally had posted before they
changed their website, but somehow their adapter was able to run the Tully
at 1.475... maybe the way you mention is how they did it.  And it seems to
work for most m'boards.

Oddly, in the case of my Intel, it did not work.  After a day, it would
crash.  AND, I believe it has something to do with the adapter.  I swapped
m'boards, power supplies, adapters, and processors.  Even the LinLin set at
1.50 crashed (with the new p/s) showing a vcore of something like 1.41 and

At 1.55, it is working... (fingers crossed here!).

Is there any advantage the LinLin has over the Upgradware for my Compaq
(5000T/ Mitac mobo), or should I leave well enough alone??

I believe am running dangerously close with the original 145w p/s.

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Re: Help with 1.2 piii....

Uncle Vinnie wrote:

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Well, it may have 'looked' like 1.475 but the motherboard doesn't know what
.025 is.

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That's why I didn't think of it. It usually does.

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Well, right after "don't reinvent the wheel" the next engineering witticism
is "don't fix it if it ain't broke."

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The tualatin isn't drawing much more power (the Vcore problem is current,
not total power) but they do make uATX supplies with a bit more power.
Check pricewatch. On the other hand, see above.

Re: Help with 1.2 piii....

Thanks again David!  The reporting software is Intel Active Monitor... I
just read off what it shows and hope it's accurate.

Thanks again!

I do check pricewatch, btw, as well as techbargains.  The Raidmax I got from
NewEgg has been very good.. matter of fact, it's almost dead on at 12v,
3.5v, and 5v... the previous PowerMan, and even the Antec, weren't as close.
Antec was at about 11.5, the PM was at 11.25....the other voltages were off
as well...

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Re: Help with 1.2 piii....

Uncle Vinnie wrote:
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Right. But nothing's perfect. First you have the accuracy of the
motherboard Vcore circuit and then measurement accuracy.

It may very well have been 1.475 in fact or in reading but it can't be
because it was 'told' to be 1.475 because the motherboard circuitry has no
way to be told a number with more resolution than .05 since that's all the
bits of the Vcore code it understands. I.E. 1.45, 1.50, 1.55, etc. as the
.025 bit goes no where on pre-tualatin boards.

Not particularly important at this stage but it's useful when one is trying
to figure out if things are being decoded properly.

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