Help setting the Bios?

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Hi guys! And thanks in advance for any help.........

Here's my situation: I've been trying to build this computer for 18 months.
No problems, just busy and have one that works, etc.

Anyway, it's a KT6 Delta, MSI. I've got a 2500+ Barton and PC3200 Geil
memory (512mg).

Problem? It shows up as a 1900+ CPU. Now the MB says "supports DDR 400" and
"supports FSB 400 Mhz"

I know how to access the bios, and most settings can be changed. Can anyone
here give me some mild aggressive settings so I can get some speed out of
this thing? The CPU clock is now set at 133 MHZ. Everything else is on auto.

I can find the settings, but not sure what they all mean. I can change the
FSB, dram timings, CPU ratio, etc

Many thanks!


Re: Help setting the Bios?

BIOS memory should be 166(333DDR) I think. You can raising it higher but if
your board doesn't have an AGP/PCI lock you'll be overclocking those too.
It's barely possible to run your CPU at 200 FSB with higher voltages for
CPUand memory(vdimm).

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Re: Help setting the Bios?

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Thanks, Dawg. So I should set the FSB at 166mhz? And the mem at 200 mhz?
What about the multipier? Maybe 12, 14 or 10?

Mem timings? Say......cas 2, trp 3, tras 6, and trcd 1?

I got these from

BUT, don't know what they mean...............
Can you look this over and and give me some guidance? My mem is DDR 400 I

BTW, I don't THINK I can lock the pci or AGP. I'm using an 8X MSI video card
now (RX0550) ATI.

Re: Help setting the Bios?

 Both should be set at 166.And,depending on your memory specs you'll
probably be able to run that PC3200 at low CAS(2)RAS etc.You can't raise the
multiplier. After you get everything stable at 166 start raising the FSB.

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Re: Help setting the Bios?

i had the same problem with mine it was amd 2700+ and it was only
reading 2000+ just set the bios settings and it was fixed

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