Help, please, w/ Intel mobo

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RE: Intel D815EEA, XP Home, 1.2Piii w/ Upgradeware adapter.

I am trying to isolate problems I've had where the computer either shuts
down or BSOD, or won't start up.

It seems all runs well when using an 800mhz piii, but I have problems using
the upgradeware adaptor, and wonder if it is because of the 1.2 chip,

I have swapped processors( I have a few 1.2piii's), swapped Upgradeware
adapters- (I have 2 and they are similar to powerleaps), swapped
motherboards (D815EEA's) , swapped hard drive,
swapped memory (straight 256/133's to 256/100~133) low density), power
supply, and cleared
the BIOS, and am running the prescribed P10 BIOS.

Is there something either with the software, or even hardware on the
D815EEA that may cause shutdown or BSOD?  Sometimes it takes a while to
start up again.

BTW, the Tualatin adaptor (Upgradeware and Powerleap) have both been tested
to work on this motherboard using BIOS P10, which I have.  Emails to tech
support have them stumped- it should work!

Can someone here help  Thanks!



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