Help on overclocking an AM2 Sempron 3000+ and 7300GS

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Hi guys,
    I've just recently purchased an AM2 Sempron 3000+ CPU, I'm running it on
a Gigabyte GA-M55plus-S3G motherboard with the Geforce 6100 chipset. I've
got 2 x 512Mb sticks of DDR-533 Hyundai RAM, and a 256Mb PCI-E Forsa 7300GS
vide card, running on XP professional.
    It's a rather basic setup, but it's all i could afford at the time. I'm
only new to overclocking and don't really know where to start. I just want o
get the maximum performace out of it without losing too much reliability.

    I've had a fiddle with the gigabyte overclocking program and had it
running at about 1.9Ghz instead of the standard 1.6Ghz. It seems a little
quicker, but i've been told that it should be capable of running much faster
than this without a hassle.
    I'm running all standard cooling devices, and my case is the foxconn 891
which has 2 fans, plenty of air running through the system and everything
stays nice and cool, never got over 32 degrees. I'm only running the
standard 350watt ps, which i'm a bit wary about, not sure if i should get a
bigger one or not.
    And I've currently run the latest ATI tool program and have the 7300
running at (615Mhzcore and 330Mhz ddr2) where it runs at stock (550Mhzcore
and 300Mhz ddr2), if i go any higher it detects artifacts. Am i likely to
much more out of the little sucker or not?
    And last of all, since buying the system it seems to be running very
slow, especially when opening programs etc. compared to similar systems.
It's only slightly faster than my old s754 2400+....any ideas what might be
slowing it down?

Any help is appreciated.


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