Help DDR2 800 Mhz runs at 333 Mhz with Athlon 64 X2

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Hi everybody

I just need help to correct bios settings, if possible to get best
results - no overclock needed (as I havent got the propper cooler for
the moment) :

The main problem is my two DDR2 800 - 2 GB each (1) are only recognized
as DDR 400 Mhz when I set bios to "optimized settings".

If I put manually the clock ram to 800 Mhz, its never detect at 800 but
another value (400 Mhz if i remember) AND the OS crashes frequently. If
I let on Auto it brings DDR2 667 @ 333 Mhz - Dual Channel 128-bits
Tcl 5 trcd 5 trp 5 tras 14 (1T timing)

The multiplier seems to be correct and optimal letting the bios choose
it, it brings : 2000 Mhz (200x10.o)

I'm lost in how to set the HT frequency, as the menu offers only
multipliers 1 X to 5 X - so I cannot see the frequency - and dunno if
there's somthing to change here ?

I saw this interesting online calculator, but I miss too much infos and
general understanding to use it :

Hope someone can help



(1) RAM

Capacity : 2 x 2GB SINGLE STICK
Speed : DDR2 800Mhz PC6400
Low Density : YES
Pins : 240Pin
ECC/Registered : No/No
Voltage: 1.8V
CAS Latency  : CL 5
Unbuffered DIMM

(2) Socket / Motherboard :

EPOX EP-MF4-J3 Motherboard & AMD 3800+ Dual Core AM2 Pr - Socket Am2

(3) Processor

AMD 3800+ Dual Core AM2

Cpuz said its a Windsor family
See technical table here :

Re: Help DDR2 800 Mhz runs at 333 Mhz with Athlon 64 X2

Double Data Rate 800 ram actually runs at 400 x2
set it to 400
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Re: Help DDR2 800 Mhz runs at 333 Mhz with Athlon 64 X2

On 2/24/2010 4:52 AM, peter wrote:
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Uhh, strange .. I figure that 2 x 400 never makes 800 mhz speed ..
So with the 2 ddr modules it makes 4 x 400 mhz ...?

I thought the multiplier was to set correctly.

Well : if i force ddr to 400 : it says 200 mhz on the POST !!!
It's less than to let the ddr to AUTO (333 Mhz) ...

Any other idea ?

Thanks !


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