Help!! Best Ram Configuration With Overclocked 1.8 Northwood

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Problem: Ram Bottleneck??

I have ocd my P4 1.8 northwood to 2.88 (fsb 160.05). Voltage is 1.62  with
the system being stable and running very cool at 27.5c at idle and 40c after
3 hour CPU BurnIn at full blast (using zalman 7000cu and 5 case fans).  As
well all programs are performing as they should.  Note: MB is Asus P4P800
SE, and Power generic 420w.

I am pleased with the oc numerically, but not the anticipated performance
increase which seems to have plateaued since I hit 2.4 (fsb 133).  My guess
is the ram equation is not correct.  I was using 2 sticks of 256mb generic
pc2100, and then removed the generic ram and installed 1 stick of 512mb
Corsair pc3200 platinum edition CL2.  Once again the performance increase
was approx. 15% (using a video rendering benchmark test) over the stock 1.8
when brought up to 2.4, but not increase after that despite the achieved 2.8

At the current 2.8 CPU-Z is showing the FSB-Ram ratio of 4:5 at a frequency
of 200.1 MHz.  In bios I have set the dram to 333mhz, and have played with
setting using 266 and auto.  Of note the best performance achieved as stated
was at 2.4 with dram set to auto giving a frequency of 177mhz and 3:4 ratio.
 I have not adjusted timings and would need direction in that regard if
necessary to do so.

I am not a gamer and use the system for video rendering.  So I hope to
maximize the performance of this system to save on processing time.  I also
have a 2.8 northy 800fsb with HT and a P4C800-E Deluxe mobo, which of course
is great setup and will play with next, but I love the old 1.8 chip.

Thank for any help that may come my way.

Re: Help!! Best Ram Configuration With Overclocked 1.8 Northwood

On Tue, 19 Apr 2005 19:18:55 GMT, wrote:

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set IMHO FSB-Ram ratio of 4:5 or even higher if ram can handle it
& tighten the latencies ...

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Check & compare with others Ram subsystem performance With WinRAR´s
built in benchmark (see my site under comp/benchmarks -updated ...)

                        Regards ,  SPAJKY ®
   mail addr. @ my site @
3rd Ann.: - "Tualatin OC-ed / BX-Slot1 / inaudible setup!"

Re: Help!! Spajky Thanks ??? Fsb/Ram Ratio

Thank you for your help.  I have no problem playing with the latencies, but
the fsb/ram ratios are throwing me a bit.  I have three settings available
that being auto, 266 and 333.  I can get to 1:1, 3:4. and 4:3 via trial and
error, but wish there was a better way to go about it and to achieve the
values you are suggesting.  Thanks again.

Re: Help!! Best Ram Configuration With Overclocked 1.8 Northwood

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Prob. DDR 266 in dual channel mode.

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And lost your dual channel feature.

Get another 512mb Stick DDR400 to be able tu run dual channel. Prob. 2x
DDR333 / PC2700 would be sufficient.

Re: Help!! Nfar

Thanks very much for the reply.  So if i understand correctly the pc2100
although generic and unmatched sticks (same mb but different makers) the
fact they were acting as dual allows them to provide same power (or more) as
the single 512 of ddr400?  I realize 3200 is more than i need (had it for
another purpose) but would getting another matching 3200 ( or two 2700) give
me what i need out of the p4 1.8. Having trouble with the fsb/ram ratio as
well the bios seems to give me 3 choices auto, 266 or 333.  Thanks again for
your help.

Re: Help!! Nfar

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If you power on your PC you should be able to read your actual ram settings
for a second or two before it enters windows.

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Yes, I´d think so. I´ve got the same motherboard and tried diff. ram sticks
( speeds) and settings.

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Again, IMO, yes. DDR400 in dual might as well be overkill for a P4A at
FSB170...I don´t know, to be honest.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

My theory:  as long as you don´t fit this motherboard with an 800mhz CPU (
P4C) you´ll get these strainge readings.
Right now, ( same motherboard her )at boot-up it says: "Dual channel at
DDR333" with two 512mb sticks DDR400 at 380mhz/4:5FSB-DRAM (CPU-Z) in dual.

( Everest )
My latent mem. readings have gone up to 101ms with my actual "DDR3100". With
earlier DDR266 in dual used , they were about 85ns...

My mem. read have always between 3300MB/s and 3900MB/s, my mem. read between
1000MB/s ( with DDR 266 in dual) and 1800MB/s right now ( DDR 3100 dual ).

This is a gamer PC and I don´t care about my ram that much. I just know I
need lots of it ;-) For video rendering, it might be more important.

If I were you, I´d get myselv another 512mb DDR400 stick and do a lot of
testing. Mem. timings are important too, remember.

Hope this was of some help.


Re: Thank You Nfar

That was what I was thinking, so will get another stick of 512 and run it
dual.  I know it will improve things and hopefully enough to warrant the
expense.  As for the ram ratios your correct the lack of a 800mhz cpu is
limiting options.  Thanks again for your interest and thoughts.

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