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The retail intel E4300 CPU comes with a heat sink with 3 strips of paste
where it contacts the processor. Would it be better if I add heat sink
compound so that the entire surface is covered with it, not just 3 strips?

Also, why does it say to mount the mobo to the case first before mounting
the heat sink? What would happen if I reverse the order?

Re: heat sink question

Artic silver 5 (AS5) is the thermal compound of choice.
Use it INSTEAD of the strips.

Application instructions:

I prefer to install the fan before installing the motherboard, that
way I can make sure that the plastic pins are through the board and
are properly expanded.

Also, while you have the board out, if you have a northbridge
heatsink, you might want to remove it and clean the northbridge chip,
followed by application of AS5 and reassembly. The factory
applications are usually pretty poor.

If you plan on overclocking your 4300, you might want to consider a
more efficient fan before you assemble your rig. The stock Intel fan
is marginal for cooling at best.

Thermaltake's Big Typhoon is a good alternative (~40.00 us). It will
require installation while the board is out.



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