Good cheap socket370 CPU for CUSL2-c

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I gave away a CPU recently and figured on getting something cheap
maybe for an OC. It's going on an ASUS CUSL2-C board. The board and
parts have had no problem running at 133MHz.

Stuff in the <1GHz range appears to be under 20 bucks on Pricewatch,
with Celeron 900's going for $16. Is that good to get (in hopes of a
133 OC), or is there anything else to look at.

I guess it's not likely worth much more, or the cost of any additional

I'm not sure about speeds other than 100/133. I'm running a "picky"
PCI audio card and doing some fixed frequency monitor crap on the AGP
(BladeT64) under 98SE, but I may be able to swap some stuff out.

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