Gigabyte NB Heatsink..650SLI

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Awhile back I posted on my dilemna of hi temp on my NB heatsink(passive
massive copper) on the Gigabyte N650SLI-DS4 mobo.
I was OC'd to 8x400 with major voltage increases and had just installed a
Thermalright HR-01 775 with a Scythe S-Flex 120mm 1600RPM/63CFM fan on it
pointing to the rear exhaust fan.With this setup I found my temps on the NB
to incease from 64 to 72/74C.
Orthos ran fine with both cores of my E6420 hitting 57/59C and staying there
steadily for hours that I ran the test....but that damn NB sink!!!
Well I solved my problem with help from this board..........just took awhile
to find the part...thats the trouble with living in a smaller town.
I purchased an Antec SpotCool.......attached it to one of the mobo /mobotray
connectors.......pointed it at the NB sink with the air blowing towards the
rear fan and over the NB sink.I placed some clear electrical tape on the
bottom of the HR-01 that faced the NB so the hot air from that would not
blow over the NB....and ..
my NB temp dropped down to 56c...................yea!!!
Case temps are 31........CPU temps 36
Time for Orthos..............4 hour test small FFTs.........followed by 2
hour Blend test
Temp monitored by well as RightMark CPU Clock Utility
Case temps went up to 34
NB Heatsink went up to 64
CPU went to 45/47 for about 45min........then up to 52/53 for about an hour
...then to 57/59 and stayed there forever.

Love that SpotCool...and the speed is adjustable...I have it on medium
hooked to the System Fan Header..running at about 2000RPM and actually
fairly quiet for a little fan.
Just waiting for a little cooler weather to up the FSB just a wee bit
more....and RAM to match.

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