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With the new PC that I'm gonna have on Monday, I will have a 7950 GT in
I was reading about the specs for it and I can't find much difference
between it and the 7900 GTX.
Technically speaking...if I just raise the clock speed of the 7950 GT
can I get it to essentially be a 7900 GTX or am I missing something?

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<snip>am I missing something?

just 256MB memory - 7950's have 512MB


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7950 GT     G71    PCI-Express   512MB GDDR3    570Mhz   700Mhz  
            256 Bits    16 / 24 / 8    DX9.0, PS3.0, VS3.0

7900 GTX    G71    PCI-Express   512MB GDDR3    650Mhz   800Mhz  
            256 Bits    16 / 24 / 8    DX9.0, PS3.0, VS3.0

Of course, every manufacturer has some tricks up their sleeve,
like cheating on some parameter above. Within the same Nvidia
product number, some use more capable of overclocking RAM than
others. YMMV.

The high end cards have a high enough failure rate (10%), that
I would not bother overclocking them. Better a card that works,
than a card you have to return under warranty. I hope the
card you got, has a "lifetime warranty" in any case, as that
may be more important from a value perspective, than 80MHz
of core speed. You want the card you buy, to be warranted for
at least as long as you plan on keeping the card.


Re: GF 7950 GT

Paul wrote:
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Hmm, well I guess I'll be fine anyway.
I'm only running at 1280x1024 on a 19 inch monitor, so it should be
pretty good
even at stock speeds.
Thanks again Paul, that's twice you'v helped me now :)

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