Gainward GF 8600 GTS 512MB temerature and OC-ing

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Bought it recently and was wondering what is the normal (maximum)
temerature under load? Yeasterday I ran rthdribl (gpu stress test) and
it got up to 85C (!!!). Default clock and open case.. After closing the
case it got to 72-75C (must be better air flow). So should i be worried
or is this normal?
Also has anybody managed to OC it?

Re: Gainward GF 8600 GTS 512MB temerature and OC-ing

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Those temps are fairly normal. A properly ventilated case 'should' be cooler
with the sides closed than with them open. As far as OC'ing that particular
card, I really don't have enough experience with it to help you. With the
8800GTS cards coming down a bit in price, I have went with those instead. I
still have one more 8800GTS here in the box for a build I was going to start
a week or so ago, but the surgeon's knife has delayed that one for
awhile......:-) It will be another Nvidia 680i MB and I haven't decided on
processor yet. The Q6600 in my personal system may be the one I use and then
try another processor in mine. I have done three of these C2D/Quad builds
lately and all have been with 8800 series video cards with very good
success. I did accidently order an 8600 GTS for the last E6600 build and it
seemed to be a bottleneck compared to the 8800 GTS which was less than $100
higher in price (Newegg, I believe).


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