GA-81865GME-775 Overclock possible?

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Hi All,

Thanks in advance for any answers to my question. I have the Gigabyte
board in the subject, with a Pentium D 805 CPU. Got them both as a
package for cheap.

Now I see that people are overclocking the D 805 so I wanted to try
this out myself. However, I read in the manual for the mainboard that
it supports only supports the easytune hardware monitor, not the
overclocking stuff. I checked the BIOS but couldn't see a place to do
it manually. I have the F2 version of the BIOS, and see there is an F3

If I flash the BIOS to F3, will this allow for the increase of the
front side bus via easytune5? Or manually?

Or am I SOL. Most likely this one I guess, which is why it was such a
cheap deal. Even if I can't overclock, I'm still happy as it's a nice
update from my old socket 478 P4 1.4Ghz. :-)

Again, thanks for any help or advice you can give me.


Re: GA-81865GME-775 Overclock possible?

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It should have an FSB increase option...however it only has 20pin power my experience board that don't supply the extra voltage
are not overclocking friendly.

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Re: GA-81865GME-775 Overclock possible?

On Gigabyte motherboards there is a special key combination to get into the
"advanced chipset options" in the BIOS. This is where your FSB an voltage
options will most likely be. Find this key combo on the internet, but I
reember it being Ctrl-F1, pressed once you are into the BIOS.

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