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Following up on "Phil, Non-Squid"'s findings, I upped the FSB from 1066 to
1350. Incredibly enough, this setting posted! All settings between 1100 and
1333 give me a blank BIOS screen.

My CPU is runnings along now happily at 3 GHz, where I couldnt get more than
2.5 before! Is this FSB gap a normal phenomenon?

One more question, any idea what's the safe voltage for the E4300? To get it
running stable at 3 GHz, I had to up it to 1.475 Volts. Not too keen on such
a large increase, but 1333 MHz FSB is the lowest I can use, 1300 craps out
immediately. At 1.45 volts, Orthos (prime) gives me errors. Temperature is
no problem yet, it's running at 53C (Core temperature)

Phil (Non-Squid), thanks for posting your result!!

Met vriendelijke groeten, Thomas van der Horst

Re: FSB gap P5N-E SLI

Thomas wrote:
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Update: the high voltage results in a high temp, and around 55C, I get a
BSOD :-(

Unfortunately, I cannot change CPU multiplier from BIOS, so I can't use that
trick to raise FSB and keep CPU speed relatively low. Right now, I'm back to
1066 MHz, when I have more time, I'll continue tinkering.

Met vriendelijke groeten, Thomas van der Horst

Re: FSB gap P5N-E SLI

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Hey I'm glad that worked out for ya!  Yeah people have been discussing the
straps and how you can boot into too low of a strap such that when you begin
to raise it, you end up in the high part of a low strap, straining something
or other causing BSODs.  When you go even higher, the mobo boots into the
low part of the next higher strap, causing an increase in latencies and
delicious stability.  Here's a link that all the mishmash I just told you,


There's lots more out there... search for "fsb wall strap" to get more info.

Re: FSB gap P5N-E SLI

Phil, Non-Squid wrote:
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Here's an interesting thread which details using a conductive pen on the
CPU to change the "default FSB strap:"

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