Experiences: Q6600 on P5N32-E SLI

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Hello there,

I just got my new mobo and CPU at friday and played Crysis in joy the
whole weekend.

Well, it wasn't all that joyful from the start. First thing I noticed
after installing the new stuff was that the
PS/2 keyboard did not work. HOLY SHIT, it's a freaking PS/2 keyboard
and it does not work with that motherboard!
I was (and still am) very shocked about that. It's like building a car
with the steering wheel not working. Just not
as dangerous.

So I hooked up my USB-keyboard (which is not very comfortable, since
it's a compact keyboard) and used that
for the day. I installed XP and afterwards windows and, except some
small networking quirk in XP, everything
worked pretty darn well so far. Nice Vista drivers, even 64bit. It
wasn't all that easy the first time I installed Vista on
my older P5WD2-E Premium, since it hadn't that great Vista support
(how could it if it was build before Vista being
around, anyways).

After a little bit of initial gaming on stock-clockspeeds I decided to
test it's overclocking capabilities. Now here's
some more information on my system, first:
It's watercooled and it's pretty well cool I'd say, since both CPU and
GPU-temps are okay. The only temperature I'm worried about is the
motherboard's: The BIOS says it's 46=B0C hot, which I think is just too
much. I installed a big fan later and it dropped to under 40=B0C.
I have watercooled 2GB (2x1GB) OCZ-RAM with 5-5-5-15 timings,
Then there's the XFX GeForce 8800 GTS 640MB which is clocked to 513MHz
core stock, I run it at 700MHz for
games and it doesn't even break a sweat with under 52=B0C.
So I went for 3.0GHz for a start, and it worked nicely.

I simply changed the FSB to 333 (1333MHz quad-pumped). Windows boots,
benchmarks run, everything's fine.
Whenever I try to go just one MHz above 333, the system won't boot up.
It won't even finish it's POST.
I think that's somehow ridiculous, I should definitely be able to do
more with that CPU, it's a G0-stepping, after all.
Updating the BIOS just did not do good. After I've updated it to
Revision 1205, I couldn't even get it to boot nicely
with the 3,0GHz. The speeker beeped like crazy every second time I
booted the PC and I reverted my BIOS back
to to the second-oldest version, which is 1103. I might add that with
the 1205, the PS/2 keyboard worked. It won't
with the 1103 I'm currently running. Additionally, the newest BIOS
gave crazy voltages to my CPU. It went to
1=2E38V, although the CPU is spec'ed to a max of 1.37V, iirc. With the
older BIOS-revisions, the vcore was much

Do you guys have any idea what's wrong with my MB and how I could go
above 333MHz FSB?
Waiting for the BIOS 1205 to get stable? (It's in BETA stage for some
time now).

When I'm back home I can post a few benchmark results for Win XP and
Vista 64 (Ultimate).
But one word ahead: The difference in Crysis is less than 2 FPS
between XP and Vista.
And with my huge 1600x1200 display, I get 10 FPS less than I would
with a 1280x1024 one. That's disturbing :-(


Daniel Albuschat

Re: Experiences: Q6600 on P5N32-E SLI

Daniel wrote:

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10 FPS less than what?  Am I screwed with a less than top-end card
running 1920 x 1200?  I've been holding-off on the purchase a new
video card until I know how this game runs on the current crop of video
hardware.  Probably need a GTX, although I'd rather wait for the
successor so I can suffer through the whole driver evolution thing.

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I'm in the same boat with a new G0 SLACR.  I tried it in a 965P and a P35
board and it is completely unstable at even 400x6, but two instances of Orthos
ran fine all night it ran 333x9 with 1.325v.  I'm not thrilled about this.  Pack
is 07-31-07.

Re: Experiences: Q6600 on P5N32-E SLI

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With 1600x1200 I got 28.84 average FPS in Crysis GPU Benchmark.
With 1280x1024 it's raising up to 38.87 average, which I would call
*pretty* playable!

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A GTX won't do better than my card, since I run it at a clock-speed of
700MHz and 2200MHz for the VRAM, with 640MB. The GTX
has lower clock speeds (you can of course overclock it, but I doubt it
will reach much more than 740) and only 128MB more memory, which
at the current time isn't used anyways, imho.

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Re: Experiences: Q6600 on P5N32-E SLI

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355x9=3.2Ghz at 1.375v has been stable for several hours.  It's staying under
70 C with the Thermalright Ultra Extreme.  The voltage drops a lot more than
with the dual core to 1.328v under load.

Re: Experiences: Q6600 on P5N32-E SLI

I have the same problem as d.albuschat. My p5n32-e sli just won't go
over 333mhz fsb. At that speed there are no problems whatsoever, it
seems like it should be able to do a lot more, but even if i just try
334mhz fbs, it doesn't start up anymore. Quite strange isn't it?

I have a relatively cheap psu, which i don't think is the problem, as
the voltages are all normal and stable. FSB and memory are set to
unlinked, so i don't think my memory is the problem either. I am at a

Re: Experiences: Q6600 on P5N32-E SLI

On Mon, 29 Oct 2007 12:56:58 -0000, d.albuschat@gmail.com
 :  Do you guys have any idea what's wrong with my MB and how I could go
 :  above 333MHz FSB?

Just a thought but does your memory pass memtest?  My 1066Mhz Corsairs
didn't play well at their rated speeds in the 680i Striker Extreme
unless I tossed the sticks into B1 and B2.  Manually setting VDIMM up
to the next step after the 2.1v specified by Corsair instead of the
1.85v or so the boards default at seems to make the sticks happy.

Re: Experiences: Q6600 on P5N32-E SLI

On Oct 29, 9:54 pm, hgold...@mpcs.com (Howard Goldstein) wrote:
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I didn't run memtest, yet, but I don't think the mem is bad. I will do
that tomorrow,
though. I tried a VRIMM of 2.05, to no avail. Then I tried VCORE 2.35
2.05, and it's still the same. The POST-screen will be visible half
and the system
hangs after less than two seconds.
Maybe I should try 2.1+ VRIMM, as my sticks are specified to 2.0-2.1
(which I just
noticed -- the board itself gives them too little. They've been dead-
stable, though).



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