EPP memory question for MoBo which doesn't support it

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I'm building a system for the first time and have a question about
Enhanced Profile Performance (EPP) memory.  In particular I'm looking
at the Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C3, though I think my question applies
to any EPP memory.

Corsair's spec sheet for the above product says:

SPD programmed at:
JEDEC standard 5-5-5-18 values at 800MHz
EPP standard 3-4-3-9-2T, 2.2V values at 800MHz

Now I have a motherboard (abit NF-M2 nView) which does not support EPP
but does support overclocking.  My question is, can I still achieve
the desirable 3-4-3-9 settings by fiddling with the BIOS manually?  It
seems EPP simply makes getting best performance easier, but the lack
of such on a mobo doesn't prevent one from getting it the old way
(experimenting in the BIOS). Correct?
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