Emachine Overclocking, the Multiplier setting

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At long lasti have finally been able to find a way to change the
FSB setting on my emachine PC. But Not really the improvement i
was looking for. I know that there is also a setting called the
multiplier whic his set somehow. Coudl some explain what it is and how
i can change it. I am Using a celeron on an emachine motherboard, the
Trigem Lotmita and the current multiplier is set to x12, with an
orignal FSB at 100mhz so giving a 1.2GHz processor. The BIOS is totally

locked up so no settings there that i could change, no jumper switches
on the motherboard so it means if i am going to change the multiplier
then i need to do it via software. I do remember i used some in the
past which could change the multiplier but cannot remeber the name. So
really just need a explantion to what sets the Multiplier and software
which can change it. I have sorted ourt cooling with a waterbased
cooling system

Re: Emachine Overclocking, the Multiplier setting

naza wrote:
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As Phil said, the multipliers are locked.  What is the model number of
your eMachines?  If we know what the original speed of the processor
is, that would be helpful.  I have no idea what "Trigem Lotmita" means.

Re: Emachine Overclocking, the Multiplier setting

Trigem Lotmita is the motherboards name. Trigem the Manufacturer of it
adn lomita is the model. Its an emachines 150DVD. useless i know. but
might as well try this before it goes

Re: Emachine Overclocking, the Multiplier setting

naza wrote:
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It helps if you spell it right.  Here is the board:

If it started as a 1200 Tualatin Celeron, it may be possible to run it at 133 MHz
FSB, but it would be running at 1596 MHz.  This is possible, but unlikely.  It
would certainly require a voltage increase and better cooling.  Officially, the
motherboard does not support 133MHz FSB with the Tualatin processors.
A more likely overclock would be a Celeron 1.1A @1467 MHz.

Getting this to work would likely require a pin-mods.  First, you need the
board to recognize the CPU as a 133MHz part.  You need to insulate one pin
for that.  Pulling the pin out would have the same effect, but be non-reversible.
Second, you need the motherboard to detect the processor as requiring a higher
voltage. This can be accomplished by soldering pins together on the back of the
motherboard. I've done both of these mods, twice, on a MSI motherboards.
Three 1.1A Tualatin Celerons I used required 1.65v.

There is also an 1100 Coppermine Celeron which is a different and not
able to overclock by this much.  Everything you need to know can be found
here:  http://www.geocities.com/_lunchbox /

The processor you have should run XP pretty well if you've upgraded
the memory from the original 128MB.

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