E6600 versus E6750 and abit IP35 Pro MB?

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I have two systems both have abit IP35 Pro MB's and both have 2 GB of
Corsair DDR2 800 (TWIN2X2048-6400C4) memory.  The memory is set to 2.1v and
4-4-4-12 2T on both systems.  The E6750 system is running at 3.2 or 400 FSB.
I made the change day 1 and it has never had a problem - it runs fast and
cool with the standard Intel fan.  The E6600 system on the other hand hangs
up as soon as I make even a minor change to the FSB.  I had the same problem
when it was installed in an ASUS P5B Deluxe MB.  I had to lower the memory
timings to SPD settings and then the P5B would let me increase the FSB (see
a previous post).  It made sense that the P965 was the problem but... it
seems I have a similar problem with the P35 chip or is there something going
on with the older-slower E6600 that I don't understand.  I am aware of the
difference in stepping (8 vs 9) and I am aware of the Bus Speed differences
(1066 MHz vs 1333 MHz).  I am not trying to break and speed records with
either system and I don't want to become an overclocking expert but I would
like to get something extra out of the E6600 since it was supposed to be a
good overclocker and I bought a second abit IP35 Pro MB to "solve" my
problem.  Can someone please shed a little light on what I'm dealing with
this time?  Thanks in advance.

Re: E6600 versus E6750 and abit IP35 Pro MB?

Ken wrote:
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Download and run this program:

Check the memory tab and make sure FSB:DRAM is 1:1.
Sometimes you need to raise the vCore a small amount.
The Intel specified maximum vCore is 1.35v as stated on the box.

Re: E6600 versus E6750 and abit IP35 Pro MB?

I may have to buy you a six-pack!  The FSB:DRAM was set to Auto in the BIOS.
The default was 3:2 and the memory was running at 800+ before I even tried
to increase the cpu.  The cpu voltage is at 1.325v.  I changed the FSB:DRAM
to 1:1 and left the voltage alone for now.  I guess that is the difference
between the E6600 and E6750.  The E6750 must tell the BIOS to setup at
 1:1 - I know I didn't!  Thanks for the quick response and good information.
Hopefully, I'll get smarter - it just that the IP35 Pro/E6750 made it so
easy to OC.

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