E6400 overclocks.

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I was fed up with my asus SE not smoothly taking my Q6600 passed 2.6 or
2.7GHz and so decided to try another mobo (and so I could check if PCI-e 2.0
worked any better).  To ensure that all worked before stripping my Q6600 I
bought an E6400 to test it out.  Alas the mobo was DOA and to ensure it was
the problem I ended up stripping my system.. I thought I would have a bit of
fun since the St Ex didn't overclock too well and lo and behold the bloody
things going like the clappers.  The E6400 is merrily churning away at 3GHz
and at a temp of 44C.
Why can this mobo not successfully take a Q6600 to 3GHz yet this humble chip
can run cooler and faster (relatively).
Where is the logic?  I had almost given up hope with the Asus board yet now
it surprises me.  How fickle PCs are.

Just me having a rant.  Sorry.


Re: E6400 overclocks.

Dumbo wrote:

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I'm afraid my psychic abilities are not sufficient to determine what an "Asus SE"
is, nor can I discern the meaning of "St Ex."  Striker Extreme?  Was there
only one model bearing this designation?  680i?  790i?  Couldn't you just have
copied and pasted the model number?  You shouldn't make it difficult to help you.

How much voltage did you feed the Q6600 and what was the Vdroop?
http://i4memory.com/f54/striker-extreme-vdroop-killing-me-5415 /

Re: E6400 overclocks.

'Dumbo wrote, in part:
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What 'Fishface' said.

I compare a computer (or computer program) to the most persnickety grammar
teacher I ever had.  One must be absolutely precise in expressions.  What
you write must convey, as closely as possible, to your audience exactly what
is necessary.  Your recent posts don't quite meet that standard.  Most
people here really enjoy helping out, but it is frustrating when a post
gives incomplete descriptions and assumes everyone else knows what some
shorthand expression means (for example, "asus SE".  Now you may have
mentioned a few weeks or months back a more complete model name for your
motherboard, but why make readers here guess or search archived posts?

Working with what you've put in this post, here are some useful suggestions.

1.  Such a mild overclock as 2.7 GHz for an Intel Q6600 is unlikely to be
the fault of the motherboard.
2.  How are you measuring your CPU temperatures?  At idle?  Under load?
What kind of load?  A CPU core temperature of 44C for a E6400 @ 3 GHz is
unlikely to be the true temperature under load, it's much too low (unless
you have a frigid room environment and perhaps water cooling also.)
3.  Ranting, impatience, and inattention to detail when working with
computers is an escalating spiral.  If you find yourself frustrated to that
point, give up for the day.  Start fresh, take notes, ask explicit
questions, giving specific details, in this Usenet newsgroup.
4.  There is a logic to what you are experiencing;  you just have to find
it.  And the finding will require a LOGICAL approach.

5.  General rule of thumb - expect to get, using fairly standard air
cooling, with Intel 60 nm & 45 nm CPUs something like at least a 50%
overclock or 3.8 GHz, whichever is  lower.  If you don't, you're doing
something wrong.
6.  Anecdotal only:  I've bought perhaps 25 motherboards for my own use over
the past 15 years.  None was Dead On Arrival, and only one failed (and that
was nearly three years later - an aBit board that had electrolytic
capacitors fail because of a widespread plague of faked electrolyte.)

7.  Final suggestion:  watch the TV series "House" ( a medical diagnostic
drama series) with Hugh Laurie, if you can get it in the UK

Phil Weldon

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Re: E6400 overclocks.

System : ASUS Striker Extreme,  Intel E6400 CPU, 2 GB Corsair XMS2 PC6400
DDR2, ATI 512MB HD2900XT video card and 500GB Hitachi SATA2 Harddisk drive.
I purchased a RoG motherboard because of it's overclocking potential.  This
board some good, some not so good reviews but I was so sure that this Rog
should take my Q6600 to the 3GHz I wanted (previous owner had it running on
air at 3.5GHz on a P5k ASUS board).  I tried everything but the only success
I had was back-dating the BIOS to 1303.  Then I got a new graphics card and
it refused to work with my board and so I updated the BIOS to the latest
level 1801 but again the VGA card didn't work.  Soooo I thought I would go
back but now it says the BIN file is not compatible with my chipset.
I then decided to try out an P43 motherboard but that wouldn't POST on my
setup.  So I took the E6400 and put it in this Striker board and lo and
behold 3GHZ was no longer a hitch.  The thing runs stably at idle around
45-47 and 56-57C on full load.  How impressed am I!  It a good morning today
so I have the windows open and it is merrily running at 34C on one core and
36C on the second.  Both at idle so to speak.
I was actually thinking of binning this worthless motherboard but now I find
it overclocks well, but unfortunately it doesn't support my GTX280, and it
gives great results with dual cores and not quad cores.
The 680i chipset is a better chipset than I gave it credit for.


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