Dumbass move of the month......

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Ok, I admit it.  I'm a fuggin' moron.  Cleaned my office over the
weekend and found a box full of enough parts to build two complete
systems so I ran out and bought a couple el cheapo cases.

1st system went together no prob and it happily churning away in my
daughter's room.

2nd system wouldn't power up for some reason so I pulled it all apart,
checked everything out and reassembled it.  This time, when I plugged
the cord into the power supply and flicked the switch, I got a cool
fireworks show from the power supply's circuit board.  Ok, no big
deal, I've got an extra 450W PS in the office.  Bolted that one in and
no joy..

Pulled the guts out again and discovered my stupidity..  In my haste
to build up this system, I inadverntantly shorted the bottom of the
motherboard (Abit BF6) to the case with an ill placed standoff.  (Say
it with me now...  DUH!!)

Hoping I'd just cooked the PS, I jumpered the load wires on the ps and
flicked the switch.  Powered right up.  Must be the motherboard..

Now my quandry...  Take the time to troubleshoot the circuitry on the
board, find a replacement BF6 on ebay or bite the bullet and buy the
goodies to build a "modern" machine...  I'd like to opt for option two
so here's the question(s)  Anyone got a working BF6 they'd be willing
to part with?  Ebay doesn't have any listed as of this typing..

Can anyone recommend a good replacement with the BX chipset?  The CPU
is a  1GHz PIII (100FSB) that'd been running at 1.33 on this board
before I upgraded my "big" machine.  Ideally I'd like FSB adjustments
in 1Mhz increments from 100 to whatever the max on the board is and
the usual Vcore adjustments...

Any place other than Ebay to look???


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