Does File System Type matter?

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A general question,  I loaded Windows 2000 Professional on my new system
and used the NTFS option, does it matter which file system type I should
use?  I will be connecting to another computer that use FAT32, can I
still copy files?

Thanks for the guidance,

Re: Does File System Type matter?

Transfering files from one computer to another does not depend on the file
system of either computer.  The operating system of  the 'originating
system' uses its installed file system to access the data, then transfers
that data to the 'receiving system' which then uses ITS installed file
system to store the data.  A file system is a method of storage and access,
not a data format.

A single computer can have multiple file systems, just so long as the
operating system can handle those systems.  For example, a computer with
either Windows 2000 or Windows XP as an operating system can have multiple
hard drive partitions that include FAT 16, FAT 32, and NTFS (and floppy
drives are FAT12.)  You can even copy files within a computer between
partitions formatted with FAT32 and NTFS.  DVD and CD ROM drives use file
systems that are not NTFS or FAT, and that presents not difficulty in
copying files to and from such media.

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Re: Does File System Type matter?

greg wrote:
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NTFS is more robust than FAT32. You picked the right one.

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Yes. The file system type doesn't matter to the network. It's transparent.

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Re: Does File System Type matter?

Thanks for the info, I also found a pretty good web page that explained
the differences.


David Maynard wrote:
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Re: Does File System Type matter?

I would use NTFS. In my experience it doesn't fragment as much as FAT32.
Also NTFS is probably a bit more redundent, I accidentally got into
formatting 1 of my hard drives. I panicked and turned my computer off while
it was at 2% of formatting. I proceeded to load Windows XP onto my other
hard drive, once it was installed it was able to repair the NTFS filesystem
on my other drive, no files were lost. I doubt FAT32 is that flexible.

The defragmenter utility in Windows 9X is horrible to use. Windows 2000, XP
and 2003 have a much nice defrag utility that doesn't have to restart every
5 minutes when it detects disk activity.

If you have multiple operating systems on a single computer, and wish to
have all of them able to share files, FAT32 is used.

Older Window's operating systems, Windows 9X(including Windows ME)
definitely don't support NTFS without third party drivers... Linux distro's
usually DON'T support reading and writing NTFS in my experience, or they can
only read NTFS but not write.

Basicly every common operating system on PC supports FAT32. Only Windows NT
based operating systems really support NTFS.

NTFS is a better filesystem in the longrun. Using NTFS will give you greater
control of security as permissions for files and folders can be set in the


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