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Any1 know if Iwill will be releasing this board again?
 I Think it has something to do with the EM64T of the board.
It was AMD's to begin with.
AMD? Cool, something with a 1,000 MHz FSB
 And 105 M Transistors in one chip.. I like it.
I Only have 55 Million in 2 chips..

Denny,. RavingRaichu.          ;-)                   :-)

Re: DH800

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Uh, what?


Re: DH800

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With which?
Your not being very specific.
If your talking about the AMD part, AMD is replacing the AthlonFX55 2.4GHz
 with a 2.6GHz core @ 1,000 MHz FSB. And yes, that it's true FSB
Kind of cool to think about, if overclocking one, you would be looking @ a
FSB of
 1,004 or higher if it take it.

The Subject though is the DH800
It's a server board with next too, or all the features an Overclocker would
be looking for.
It's also built for Intel's EM64T Xeon Chips, but that don't mean I cant
just use my 533 (bus)
 chips in it. Of course, I wouldn't be in any rush to go out & get the 800
Bus Xeon's.
I've seen benchmarks for the 3.4 GHz CPU's, and I some how am not far from
them with 2.66's
 Overclocked to 3.2GHz Fact is, I've beaten 3.4GHz Banchmarks, I still don't
know why or how.
It don't seem right, a chip with 1Mb of L2 Cach, 200 MHz FSB getting beat by
an Overclocked
 ahh 2 Overclocked Xeon's with only half the cach & only a 133 MHz FSB.
I have it running 160 FSB @ 3200
I've got mixed ram running like it's PC3200
2 sticks r PC2100 and 2 sticks r PC2700.
Here's a place @ newegg.com you can get one of those AMD Chips..
 I've also seen benchmarks vs some of the fastest of P4's and the FX55 KOed
them all.
Doom3 I think was 215 FPS on the FX55 & No better then 175 FPS on the best
Intel chip.
One of those Intel chips was the 3.46 1066 (bus) LGA

Sorry for that, I went on & on a bit too far...
RavingRaichu.                   ;-)
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Re: DH800

Big <Snip> To some of my own stuff.
OK, this is getting confusing.

http://www.hardwareanalysis.com/content/topic/37587 /
Intel's 64Bit Cpu is not really 64BIT??

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