DDR2 MHz vs Latency

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Hi people.
I'm buying a new computer soon, and was thinking about memory. The proc will
be Intel Pentium D 930. I'm thinking about kingmax, 533 and 667MHz models.
Are the 667 models with higher latency than 533 or the same?
What is the OC capability of those 2? Which give you better performance?

Re: DDR2 MHz vs Latency

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There is a table here, showing the difference between memories.
The table also shows how to calculate latency.


On this page, Kingmax offers DDR2-667 CL5 and DDR2-533 CL4.
If you calculate the latency, they are both the same at 15ns.
But the bandwidth of DDR2-667 is 25% greater.

As for overclocking, the trend shown so far for some brands of
DDR2, is the clock can be raised quite high. It might take
a little extra voltage, and the use of relaxed timing, but
the RAM can probably be pushed to a higher frequency.

This memory is DDR2-800 CL3 (3-4-3-9)

This memory is DDR2-667 CL3 (3-3-3-12)

It is possible to find memory with a lower latency than the
Kingmax stuff.

Be careful in your search for fast memory. I have seen a note
in a couple of Intel chipset datasheets, that the Intel
chipset does not support DDR2-667 CL4. I do not understand
why that warning is in the datasheet, and whether it is still
a valid warning with the memories being shipped today. If you
plug a low latency DDR2-667 memory into your new motherboard,
it is possible the BIOS will set it to DDR2-533 instead.


Re: DDR2 MHz vs Latency

In my city and country I can only find Corsair, Geil and OCZ 533MHz modules.
Kingmax can be found at 667MHz, and it doesn't have too big price. 52$ for
512MB stick. Other than kingmax there is GoodRAM at 667MHz default and OCZ
with both 667 and 800MHz. But OCZ is too expensive, at least for me, around
160-170$ for 2 512MB sticks.
I guess kingmax is better than goodram, so thats probably my choice.

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Re: DDR2 MHz vs Latency

Ouh and one more thing. I'm buying an Asus mobo and models I can find for
them it says they support ddr2 533/667. Can memory still be at higher
freqvency than 667 if I oc the mobo?

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Re: DDR2 MHz vs Latency

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