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Which would be the better CPU for sims such as FSX and LockOn -

Both seem to be around the same price, and I guess both FSX and LockOn (and
many other sims) will use only one core anyway? And finally is either CPU


Re: CPU question

As for processors, I cannot help as I have lost the plot since pentium 3 -
just cant keep up with all the differing numbers.  FSX with the SP1 patch
will utilise dual processors (and quads) however. I would not think that
matters so much with Lock on as it is relatively old now and was released
before duos and quads.

Intel Core 2 Q6600 Quad Core at 2.40 Ghz
ATi Radeon X1950 w/512Mb RAM
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Re: CPU question

Funny you should ask:


Both cpu's are compared head to head here.

I have an E6850 that performs extremely well with both fsx as well as
fs9. fsx with sp1 does utilize both cores.

Both processors are highly overclockable, make sure you get the G0
stepping in either case.

The 6850 is G0 by default, G0 is a new revision for the Q6600. This
revision results in a substantial decrease in thermal output thus
allowing for better overclocking with traditional cooling.

I'm on water and my best is 4.2 ghz orthos stable for ~0.5 hr.

Make sure you get a decent motherboard and ram to support these new

If you're not in a hurry, the new 45nm yorkfield should be available
around the holidays. 4 cores, new instruction sets, supposed to be
even more awesome, (but probably $$$$$)

Good Luck.


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Re: CPU question


I have just built a new system comprising an Abit IN9 32X-MAX WiFi
nForce 680i motherboard (meant to be a beast on overclocking), Core 2
Duo E6850 cpu, 2gb of Crucial 10th anniversary DDR2 memory with timings at 2.2v, XFX Geforce 8800 GTX Ultra XXX gpu, 2x 500
sata WD Caviar drives in RAID0 array yet I cannot get beyond a stable
3500mhz.  I have tried everything ranging from having the memory
linked and reducing the timings, having it unlinked and back at
default 667mhz, increased vcore voltage from its default 1.3v right up
to 1.48v (just the once) but it still fails during 3Dmark05 if I'm
higher than 3600mhz.  I had it at 3555 (395x9) but it failed during
Prime95 which I ran after STALKER crahing out on me.  I have also
raised voltage a little to NB and SB but that didnt help.  I have a
Zalmon 9500(?) heatsink on the cpu with Artic Silver compound and
Coretemp shows my temps between 10-35 degrees so heat is not an
issue.  I wish I could get it higher but everything I'm trying just
gives me more problems.

Any other advice.


Re: CPU question

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Hey Ibby,

Your chip, is on the upper end of the Core2 Duo chips. You probably, are not
going to have as much headroom, for overclocking, as you might get
with say an E6600, which is what I have. If I am not mistaken, that E6850 is
a 3 ghz chip right? My E6600, is a 2.4 ghz chip, and I have it running
solid at 3.24 ghz.  The E6600, more than likely, comes from the same wafer
as say the E6850, it is just the 6850 is rated to run at the higher speed.
I would say, if you can get that chip stable at say 3.3-3.5 ghz, you are
doing pretty good and are getting a decent overclock for it.

Having said that, you can always try to up the vcore some. If you had it set
to 1.48v in the bios, keep in mind the vdroop, the final vcore voltage is
going to be lower than what you set in the bios, you can check this with a
program like CPUz. Mine, is set to auto, which in bios is 1.46v, however my
final vcore
voltage is actually 1.41v.
There are some that will throw 1.5v at these chips ( final voltage), I could
probably get my chip higher if  I wanted to throw more voltage at it, I am
just not comfortable
doing so.  If you do however, keep an eye on your temps measued with
something like CoreTemp, which will give you the temps of each core.

I also found it best, to run my ram unlinked at it's rated 1066 mhz speed
( pc8500), but I loosened up the timings a little over what it was rated
for, to keep the voltage down
some, some are reporting memory failures on the 680i running at 2.3v and up
on ram voltage. My ram is rated to run 1066 mhz, at 5-5-5-15, at 2.2v,
however I have mine running 5-5-5-18 at 1.95v.


Re: CPU question

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I am in the same situation, and went with the Q6600 G0 stepping
(SLACR).  I figure even though 4 cores doen't show any benefit
over 2 in FSX, I can still clock it to 3.2 or so and have some future
proof.  Here is an FSX test of quad vs duo on both XP and Vista:

scott s.

Re: CPU question


I have a Q6600 overclock at 3,0 gig with a fsb of 1333 mhz,
perfect, need fsx sp1.

With a motherboard asus P5W DH (and yes it can do a fsb of 1333 mhz),
but it need a good cooling fan (zalman all copper 7700) and
a good power supply and cooling case, it make a lot of heat when overclock.


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