Core 2 Duo Pricing

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Not exactly an overclocking question, but possibly related to
overclockability (if there is such a word).

I just noticed what seems to be a strange pricing aberration on both MWave
and Newegg, so it's consistent.

Pricing of newer CPU's like the 6550 (2.4 GHz) is lower than older 6300 and
6400 series. I also notice that these newer processors sport a higher FSB
(1333 vs 1066). So right now I can get a 6550 for less than a 6300?!?

Is this because the higher FSB CPU's don't clock as well, or is there
something else going on?

Thanks for any insights.

Re: Core 2 Duo Pricing

I think the neetest thing about the new 1333Mhz series is the G0
revision or stepping. This results in much lower temperatures than the
earlier revisions.

I went from an E6600 (which I had clocked to 3.6 ghz) to an E6850
which clocks nicely to 4.1 ghz. This high clock is mostly used for
bench marks, I run the cpu @3.75 ghz 24/7 and the idle temps are ~25C
with liquid cooling. Load temps are in the high 40's. You also benefit
from 10C more headroom with the new procs (72C vs 61C).

I also purchased a q6600 G0 revision chip which also clocks nicely,
and again temps are nice and low.

Info on the upcoming 45 nm chips can be found here:

With regard to pricing, I think it's largely the AMD vs Intel thing
going on to our benefit for now. Might not be so good in the future if
AMD gets squashed completely.

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