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Hi all . i have LG LE50 notebook and recently i have a problem with a
cooling system - i think a problem in cooling fan or fan driver on
motherboard . does someone can advise were i can by a new fan or
cooling system  for my notebook ? , cause i think to replace a fan
first and after that a fan driver on mother board .
thanks a lot
Oleg .

Re: cooling problem

'olegb' wrote:
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Working on internal hardware in notebook computers is very difficult; even
opening the case can be very difficult.  Only EXACT replacement parts (other
than items like memory sticks) will even fit, much less work.  Just guessing
from your post, you should not even THINK about opening up the case.
Contact the manufacturer customer support first.  If you do open up the
case, you are likely to see a small heatsink over the CPU connected by a
heat pipe to a small heatsink at one corner of the case.  This second
heatsink will have a fan.  Most likely these cooling parts are different
from those used by all other notebook manufacturers.

Phil Weldon

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Re: cooling problem

Somewhere on teh intarwebs Phil Weldon wrote:
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Perhaps something like this might help?


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