Compaq Deskpro 2000

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I am tryin to overclock this thing. There is something wrong with the
BIOS on it. Everytime i try to get into the BIOS it comes up with an
error message about the keyboard not bieng supported. I can see any
jumpers on it but i would expect the multiplier to be unlocked as it i
quite old.

Processor: Pentium pro with MMX @ 200mhz
RAM: 128MB
MotherBoard: Compaq 237716-002
PLL: 9169cf-46

Does anyone know a Pin Mod for it and where to find the jumpers on the

Re: Compaq Deskpro 2000

'naza' wrote, in part:
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It is extremely unlikely that any overclocking settings will be in the
Compaq BIOS.  Since the highest clock speed for the Pentium Pro was 200 MHz,
and since the Pentium Pro was not supported by
Pentium MMX Motherboards, it is unlikely that any jumpers for a multiplier
greater than 3.5 exists.  That leaves raising the FSB as the only way to
overclock.  Raising the FSB and core voltage with a Compaq Pentium Pro
motherboard is not going to be possible without modifications, and may be
impossible in any case:  the Pentium Pro 200 MHz was at the top of the speed
range and core voltage range of the Pentium Pro series, and a Compaq may
just not have a margin to increase either value.

Also, the Pentium Pro did not have the MMX instruction set.

Phil Weldon

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