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I have a Biostar TForce 939 motherboard that requires a new CMOS battery
about once a week. Does this mean that whatever is supposed to be
keeping the battery charged isn't working or that there is a short in
the motherboard? My son accidentally spilled some water in his open case
that was on the floor under the desk and after the sparks quit flying he
unplugged it for a couple of weeks. He then decided to give me the board
and it works perfectly (excellent overclocker) except for this
aggravating issue. The battery socket is very clean and corrosion free
and the board also looks like new. Any suggestions? I thought about
hooking a couple of D-Cells in a series from an old flashlight case and
wiring them to the battery holder if I can't find the problem on the
board ;) but does anyone know where I should start looking for the
offending part?

Re: CMOS battery

User wrote:
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Maybe there is still water underneath the battery socket ?

To discharge the battery in a week, there must be a fairly conductive
path there somewhere.

The D-Cells would solve the problem, but just change the period from
1 week to some longer time constant before the battery is drained.
The motherboard does not have a provision for charging the CMOS battery
(there is diode steering to prevent reverse current flow). So current
can only flow out of the CMOS battery, not into it.

Was the thing submersed ? It sounds strange that a mere splash of
water would do this. Was he playing with an aquarium tank, over
top of the open computer ? Or are we talking about a Coke or
Pepsi spill ? Clean water should eventually dry and not leave much in
the way of side effects.


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