Can DDR 6400 do 500 mhz ???

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Just trying to hit 4 ghz with my Intel E6400 Core2Duo. I can do 8X450
3.6 ghz fine , though the cores get to 60c+, nothing a Swifttec Water
cooling system wont fix :)

Its high quality OCZ 6400 ram, Platinium ram in fact :)

If the Mobo is cable would the ram be ?


Re: Can DDR2 6400 do 500 mhz ???

yess DDR2 not DDR :0 DOH.

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Re: Can DDR 6400 do 500 mhz ???

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What kind of problems are you having when you try and go higher than 3.6ghz?
One thing to remember is that those temps tend to cause more instability
problems as you OC higher. IOW, 60+C at stock speeds tend not to cause
problems, but at above 3.6ghz they may need to come down. You have a good OC
there already if it is stable. You could run some stress tests (I assume you
have run Memtest86 for awhile to test ram) like CPU Burn or Sandra's cpu
burn program. Prime is another good test. As far as memory goes, it all
varies from stick to stick and manufacturer brand doesn't seem to matter
unless they specify that it has been tested at a given speed. Sometimes
relaxing memory timings can help. You may also be close to the max for your


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