burning up 9800xt

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my xt got really hot while OC, think it froze cause the fan stopped??

Re: burning up 9800xt

That'll do it....

Re: burning up 9800xt

what causes the fan to do that? The heat?
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Re: burning up 9800xt

The fans are usually cheap quality and sometimes just fail.  I fried a fan
one time when I blew compressed air thru the fan to blow the gunk out of the
heatsink, the fan spun up to probably twice its rated rpm.  The fan croaked
about a day later but fortunately the cpu hit the motherboard overtemp temp
and shutdown thus saving the cpu.

Re: burning up 9800xt

The best thing to do for fans is buy aftermarkets at places like
http://www.1coolpc.com or http://www.frozencpu.com and places like
that.  For
nice accessorites, http://www.crazypc.com is also a nice
place to do business

Most cooling fans in computers use sleave bearings, which are the
cheapest things you can get.  I wouldn't think an ATI video card
would be one of
them however.

There are exceptional fans like Thermal Take, Antec, and others
use ball bearings, but usually they are only available at specialty
like the ones I just mentioned.  Most, if not all Mobos won't
have them on them.

I would replace the North Bridge fan, and if you don't have one, get
one!  And
there are really great coolers out there.  Very reasonably

All Thermal
Take CPU coolers have very nice fans.  That's all I use
exclusively.  I have a T
T silent boost cooler for my big Athlon.  It
has a solid copper cooler with a
vented liquid bearing fan.  You can't
even hear it run!  When I do video
encoding and the processor pegs for
about 1/2 hour, she only heats up 4 degrees
f.  No lie...

I like liquid bearings because there's no friction.  In theory,
they'll last forever.  My 4 Maxtor Diamond Max 9 Sata hard drives
(dual RAID 1)
also have liquid bearings.  That's why I bought them.

Front case fans, the ones
you can't see, should all be ball bearing

Back wall fans can be sleave
because you'll be able to see them if
they stop.  Light up fans are almost all
sleave anyway.  That never
stopped me from using them for case fans, however.
My computer lites
up like a Christmas tree.

Power Supply fans?  I don't know.
I would think the cheapos probably
would have cheapo fans in them as well.  That
would be the rule of
thumb, you'd think.

Case design is also crucial for system
cooling.  You'll want something
with a vent at the top, just behind the rom
drives.  This will get rid
of all the heat build up in the top of the case.
This hot spot is
caused by dead air that happens because power supplies draw
from the
bottom.  Don't use a fan because the vent also will equilize the air
pressure in the case.  It will act like another air stream either up,
or down
and is quite effective.

If you have a properly set up case, you'll see the air
temperature in
the case drop considerably when you put the side door on.  Vs.
leaving it off.


Re: burning up 9800xt

By the way, get a light up badge for your computer at Crazy PC,
they're very

Re: burning up 9800xt

news_reader wrote:
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The 9800's are pretty sturdy things ... I had the HSF half fall off my
9800SE (8 pipes enabled and @ XT speeds) because one of the holding pins
failed. Noticed something was bad when the desktop started artifacting so I
shut down pretty quick. Replaced it with a VGA Silencer and later again with
the Vantec heatpipe thing and it's still running fine.

Michael Brown
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Re: burning up 9800xt

news_reader wrote:

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It became so hot that it froze?

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