BIOS Plugin for Bart's PE?

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A few weeks ago the boot drive on my secondary system hosed itself. I tried
all manner of black magic to get the partition back, but to no avail. Last
weekend I pulled the drive and put it in another system to pull the files
off. I reformatted the drive, repartitioned the drive and put the files
back. The drive still won't boot up in the original machine and Windows sees
the drive as unformatted. So it would seem that it's a BIOS or other
hardware issue. I tried to boot up a floppy and flash the BIOS, but the
floppy is seen as unformatted. I also tried a bootable CD with a 2.88 MB
floppy image, but the DOS load just hangs halfway through. The MB is too old
to support a bootable USB device. However, I CAN boot into Bart's PE and run
applications without problems. So I need to find a WinFlash plugin (or
equivalent) so I can try flashing the BIOS in Windows. I've searched without
any success, so a link or alternative suggestion would be appreciated.

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