Best way to install case fans?

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Just a general question about case fans.

Do people think that case fans should draw warm air OUT of the case, or
draw cool air INTO the case?

I understand that it is now generally accepted to have one front fan (at
low level) to draw in cool air, and to have one rear fan (at high level,
as warm air rises) to draw hot air out of the case, and it is not really
these fans that I am referring to, as I think everyone should at least
have these two fans in that configuration.

My question is really about extra, supllementary fans, eg: in the side
of the case?

I have just built a new pc (see previous posts to this newsgroup, re:
Nvidia 8800GTS cards, and PC lock ups, etc) and have 2 x fans in the
side of the case (as well as the aforementioned front and rear fans, and
the CPU anf PSU fans).

Both fans can be controlled by the M/.B (Abit AB9 Pro) but I am not
really sure whether they should be drawing cool air into the case, or
reversed to draw warm air out of the case?

Obviously, I am using round cables, and have tidied up the cables with
velcro type cable ties etc to keep the airflow as clear as piossible
inside the case, and in my casec the pcn is running fien and is staying

NB: In this instance, for your reference I have both the side fans
drawing warm air OUT of the case.

Opinions, comments, etc welcomed....


Re: Best way to install case fans?

My opinion:
The side ducted fan should blow outside (cool) air directly onto the CPU HS.
If set as exhaust, the CPU HS is 'seeing' heated internal case air. Not as
I agree with your description regarding air flow in from the low front and
out in the rear high position.
Jack R

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Re: Best way to install case fans?

P G wrote:

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I've always considered positive pressure to be desirable (there will be more
air particles moving around the hot bits, so more heat can get transferred
around). With that in mind, I'd have more aire blosing in than blowing out
(knowing the amount of air a fan displaces is handy to work this out).


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