ATI X800 vs Nvidia 6600GT for OC

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Comparing the ATI X800 and the Nvidia 6600GT the bandwidth is higher on the
X800(28gb) Nvidia(16gb) but the clock speed is higher on the Nvidia (500mhz)
vs Ati(475mhz).

Where would I see better performance, the clock speed or the bandwidth? And
which will overclock better?


Re: ATI X800 vs Nvidia 6600GT for OC

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An X800 Pro (closest X800 to your specs) will wipe the floor with a 6600GT
unless there are two of them in SLI mode.  The X800 family is in competition
with the 6800 series, not the 6600GT (unless in SLI).  A straight X800 has
12 pipes, 400/350 core and memory, and a bandwidth of 22.4Gb/sec. The X800
Pro has 12 pipes, 475/475 core and memory and a 30.4Gb/s bandwidth. The
6600GT has 8 pipes, 500/500 core and memory and a 16.0Gb/sec bandwidth.
It's a good card, but will be outperformed by any X800 series card, possibly
excepting the X800SE. Just comparing core speeds and bandwidth does not give
you any indication of how a card performs in actual games.

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