Athlon XP Motherboard Upgrade

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I am looking to squeeze the last possible performance out of my system by
replacing the motherboard. I am tryig to delay when i have to replace most
of my main components.

My current motherboard is an ABit KR7A-RAID motherboard. I have an Athon XP
2600+ proceesor.

I have an AGP 8x Geforce 5600 Ultra graphics card and 768MB of PC2100 DDR.
My hard disk is a 180Gb IDE Seagate Barracuda.

I would like to upgrade my motherboard and want to keep all the above
componets although I have some 333Mhz memory that I can use

I am looking to spend 50 maximum as this is a stop gap before i have to
sheel out on replacing everything with all the new shiny components that are
coming out now.

I'd appreciate any suggestions on what would be a good motherboard to get?

Thanks In Advance

Re: Athlon XP Motherboard Upgrade

You could get a second hard disk and use it for the Windows swap file.


Re: Athlon XP Motherboard Upgrade

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I thought of overclocking your cpu instead of upgrading the
motherboard, and there is a device on the market called "speed strip"
which unlocks the multipliers of XP processors. I think its about 30
and will hopefully be able to increase your system performance more
than a motherboard upgrade.
Check out the review: /

Good luck

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