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Which is the absolute quietest athlon 3200+ cooler available (standard
type - not water cooled or anything)?

I currently have a coolermaster jet7+ copper, which keeps it going, but not
as cool as I'd like, when set to the slowest speed it is around 66 degrees
C, and still gives a slight annoying noise.

I do not overclock the CPU, I use arcticsilver 5 thermal paste, and I have
good airflow through the case via 2 120mm fans (one front one back).

I'm looking for a cooler which will be even quieter than the coolermaster on
it's low setting, but cool more efficiently.


Re: athlon 3200+ cooler

Daniel Conroy wrote:
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u've got to be kidding - something must be wrong with your setup. my
3200+ right now is at 33C idle, gets up to around 54C max after even a
day at 100%, using ttake polo cooler at only 2000rpm, not bad cooling
but could be quieter, i'd go for the Zalmans with 92mm fan.

what's the ambient room temp...? either its *really* hot where you are,
or your cpu is damamged, false reading, or the cooler isn't seated

Re: athlon 3200+ cooler

silentboost k8 is good...

and those temps are WELL over what id be happy with, im guessing something
is wrong with your setup!

From Overlag - Adam Webb

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Re: athlon 3200+ cooler

Adam Webb wrote:
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Guy is asking bout scktA cooler. Best choice would be zalman7000 al-cu
or cu.

Re: athlon 3200+ cooler

ok ok there is also a Silent boost K7 out there ;-)

From Overlag - Adam Webb
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Re: athlon 3200+ cooler

Swiftech MCX MCX462-V

You need holes in your MoBo CPU socket to mount this one

Or Thermaltake SLK-900 clip


 I have the SLK900U running my 2500xp-m @3200 at 49C ambient @25C very
quietly using a silverstone FM82 92mm fan in a 80mm package at 7 volts
2400rpm using a nexus fan controller.

I've also used the swiftech MCX462 but not the -V it's just hair behind
thermalright in perfomance.  The big differnce is that -V can mount a 92mm
fan  Bigger fan more air and less noise

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Re: athlon 3200+ cooler

Try the Spire WhisperRockIV.
Are you going to overclock?
Check their web site for specs.
The Zalman coolers are expensive.
Avoid Thermaltake volcano7.

Re: athlon 3200+ cooler

Just wanted to let anyone know, who's interested, that I solved my problem
for free.

All I did, was remove the crappy "jet" blower which is attached to the
copper heatsink it comes with, and replaced it with a spare 80mm fan I had
lying around. The fan is a panaflo which is totally silent, but pushes more
air than the noisy jet blower. My CPU is now running at a much better 55
degrees, and my entire PC is as quiet as I have been aiming to get it - it's
hardly audible unless you're specifically listening to it :-D

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