Asus Probe II (attn Phil W.)

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I have just installed Asus Probe II and it gives all voltages and MB/CPU
temps only. Voltages given are Vcore, +3.3, +5,+12, 1.2VHT, SB Core, CPU VTT
(had alarm on this because default voltage was 1.38v...had to lower to 1.25v
to get rid of alarm), DDR2 Term, NB Core, Memory, CPU Temp, MB Temp and CPU
fan rpms. My water pump connect to this giving steady indication of 3800rpms
+/- a few. There are no adjustments here, just monitoring and alarms for
temps and over/under bios settings or defaults. I am not exactly sure what
the CPU VTT does, but lowering it showed no effects at all.


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