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After persisting for so long trying to O/c my Q6600 I bought a new board and
did a full install and was pleasantly surprised to find that both Core Temp
and Real Temp both read the same (36-40C).  there had been a difference of
nearly twenty degrees.
When I went back to my old faithful SATA2 Hitachi with a previous Vista
installation the difference was back!
I can boot between the two HDDs and have Vista32 Ultimate and the two temp
programs all in the one Antec 900 case but the new installation has it
running cooler than the older one.
If its the same version of temp sensors and programs how can one give a
different reading?


Re: Another daft Question?

Somewhere on teh intarwebs Dumbo wrote:
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Is it the same version of 'programs'? Are you sure?

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